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~*Yami by Yamicchi*~


yami by Satchely


Yami by Noririn-Hayashi


Korean Yami by Felichanxx


Yami by Aluikaiser


~My Stamps~

BRIDGET STAMP by FastPuckfujyoshi stamp by masa-sengokuStamp - I Support Traps by foxleeyami x saru stamp by DeathHimeBitches and Whores by 8bitBadGuyFriendship Doesn't Equal Yaoi by JumpinSoraaGakupo Kamui Stamp by RandomTonsDirty Little Secret APH Stamp by HokaidoPlanetAdventure Time Twi-Stamp by DemonKaizokuFacePalm by NHS-5So manly, and chi's sweet home by SimbaTheHumanArt School Doesn't Want Anime by genkistampsArt theft must die. by Hobbit-BabeSTAMP: Suwako Moriya by mobbostampsAlois Stamp 31 by cakoirToo cool to sparkle by thegriffin88Other PH stamp by zirioI support yangire by VAlZARDTaokaka stamp by taokyakyaI support yandere by VAlZARDStamp - Mirai Nikki 3 by Suxinn14th-Allen stamp by AtemsGirlLavi x Allen 2 by Gilligan-StampsStamp - Mirai Nikki: Yuno 2 by SuxinnVY2 Yuma :stamp: 2 by baekyunGakupo Rin stamp by tsurutsuruSaya no Uta stamp by GyanfarShiro Stamp by PP201Stamp - Deadman Wonderland by SuxinnSindaru by CaptainOroGanymede Stamp by Zauelemia66demo support stamp by VocaloidStampsI support Yamicchi by PersephiaSitri by Achlys6makai-ouji-devils-and-realist Stamp by LuciaSamaMakai Ouji by clio-mokonaI :heart: Kaito x Len by bluzippoKaito by tulipano90.:Wadanohara Stamp:. by XHazelbombWATGBS - Sal Stamp 02 by whitenoizeI miss the old Yami by Serenity-BlueNagito Komaeda Stamp by Genocider--SyoChiaki Nanami Stamp by BirdinatorShinobu Oshino Stamp by LinaLeeLVocaloid- Gumi stamp oo2 by Kaze-yoGugure Kokkuri-san Stamp by DeathHime gugure kokkuri-san stamp 2 by DeathHime Gugure Kokkuri-san stamp 3 by DeathHime

check out this super cute cosplay of yami by Minami Maki! *^* → 

10 deviants said I really love seeing you guys' cosplays of yami! Thank you so much for bringing him to life~ T_T It really touches me! <3
6 deviants said… << utau cosplay tumblr blog
5 deviants said 美波まきさんの綺麗な闇コス more pics here>>…
4 deviants said If you guys have any questions or comments regarding usage of my designs, *3* b feel free to ask! <3



illust: 藤堂茶路 (pixivID 771635)
illust: 藤堂茶路 (pixivID 771635)

My to-do list

「ようこそ おいでくんなまし」


sparkle chibi: tsunyandere 1/2 by ruuto-kunsparkle chibi: tsunyandere 2/2 by ruuto-kun
:iconlazeplz: waiting on art from: :iconlazeplz:
nanafuyu giannysuki D-Artemisatto
Kerikaza Eyliant chisachan2010

anime: *currently reading noragami, kuroko no basuke and makai ouji

manga: Area-D, Prunus Girl, d.gray-man, Trinity Blood

-Play league and make it to ranked using AD carry as my main *^* get legendary like a boss.

- change wifi domain name to Bill Wi the Science Fi, BILL BILL BILL!

-This year's cosplays: Kaname Madoka from Madoka, Alice from Touhou & Hardrock Meltdown Rin
set up curecos account

- learn to statistics

-Actually work on yami's yume tetrapitch beta bank /cry over why I fail at using him properly

-Actually get a script done for the vn and start illustrations (after finishing list of coms, ats and stuff for friends)

-appreciate husbando :iconpervyyamiplz:

-gather karma on reddit like a boss and lurk cat threads more

-hey guys, stop using my real name on the internet. From now on, it's Kingsley Shacklebot to you. Thanks.

'sup Simon, I see you stalking my page. :iconcoolplz:


custom dakimakura payment
Yami Dakimakura by tsunyandere
payment for 1 sided dakimakura
2 sided dakimakura commission
Yami Dakimakura by tsunyandere
payment for 2 sided dakimakura only (you must click twice to this widget)
*Please contact me via note with your full details and wait for my acceptance of your commission before paying here, otherwise I will decline. Thank you!
Thigh Commission
AT: Nagi for ppshex by tsunyandere
Shimakaze by tsunyandere
1 thigh up commission with scenic background
bust commissions
scales by tsunyandere
evening child. by tsunyandere
1 full shaded bust cg cellshade 1000 pts per character
Sticker Chibi Commissions
Sticker Chibi Batch 2 by tsunyandere
Sticker Chibi Batch 3 by tsunyandere
STATUS: always-open. 400 :points: per character
Full Chibi Payment
Fey for Aluikaiser by tsunyandere
G: Seine Lucius by tsunyandere
Chibi Yami Traditional by tsunyandere
payment for normal chibi commission
payment for additional props, characters etc.


Happy Halloween by tsunyandere
Happy Halloween
o(*゚▽゚*)o well, I never get anything done in time for halloween but this year I thought I'd change. I kind of missed a friend's birthday by a bit lol so I thought I should make a halloween drawing instead. I wanted to try out a new cg chibi style but it's much harder than I thought it would be :iconlazycryplz: anyways, I hope you guys have a great halloween and eat lots of candy!

Yami's dressed a Zombie Bride, Sora's dressed as a vampire widow, and ayaka's dressed as a pumpkin grim reaper. *3* what are you guys planning to dress as for halloween?

Anime convention is coming up soon and I am tabling in the artist alley all three days. Please come visit me if you are in town for animate!miami 2014-- I'll be dressed as rachel alucard, amatsukaze and for the last one, haven't decided fully yet.

PIXIV link:…
(c) artwork and yami belongs to me
utau characters belong to Haru-jpg & Koucya
UTAU x Voicer Duet: Imagination by tsunyandere
UTAU x Voicer Duet: Imagination
Imagination Cover:…
HD MP3:…

I finally managed to upload this piece here~~ This is the PV art I used for my duet with my own utau that I voiced lol. :iconlazycryplz:  a big thank you to justin for mixing my vocals in this lol I tried this DATEKEN song because I heard a cover by my favorite utaite ever hanichamu--  please use headphones for listening because on the right side is my vocals and on the left side is yami's. *tries out casual clothing, I said this year that I would try out different poses and perspectives and whoo- I finally have a long weekend and I've been trying my best to finish everything from art to the song covers lol but new exams draw near so I'm going to try my best

& yami's eating a Japanese style chocolate donut  like this one:…
Hope you guys like it, hope this makes up for the lack of video uploads lately. :iconlazycryplz: Also, I own the clothes on the right side lol so I decided to dress yami up in it lol

tumblr link:…
(c) utau oc belongs to me, please do not edit or reuse my work without my permission. Thank you!
Blink Of Goodbye by tsunyandere
Blink Of Goodbye

 Happy belated birthday to pKotetsu!!! Happy birthday, Justin! My male art is just on and off so I had a super hard time not scrapping this sketch. whooo, I was really busy with school work the past months which is why this is really late upload lol :iconlazycryplz: Going to catch up with utau and commission stuff this weekend.

Hope you really like it! I couldn't fit ryouji's last name in the lyrics, so I made him say yami's name instead sobbs/ hope you don't mind.
but ye, this year, I chose a pretty sad song with beautiful lyrics because I feel like it's true to my feels and don't ask me why ryouji's wearing a wedding suit to a funeral- :iconlazydanceplz: this sums up their relationship quite well I think.

(c) artwork by me, utau oc belongs to pKotetsu
No Game No Life by tsunyandere
No Game No Life
I wasn't going to post this up omg but my sempie told me I should. so this is easily my favorite anime from last season but not my favorite piece in my gallery lol -

This is also my con poster for animate! which is coming up soon in November. :iconlazycryplz:
///super poor atm from stocking up on my merchandise atm

you guys should visit my table in the art alley if you guys can make it to the convention.  :iconlazydanceplz: I would really appreciate it!


tsunyandere's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
My name is キキ. I am a fan artist and the voicer of the UTAU Ryone Yami. :heart:

Yami is adapted from a famous internet troll. Here are some sample songs sung by him:
Commission: 0872013 by Rehmiel
Ahem. For future reference, Yami's gender is hideyoshi. (´・ω・`)ノ♥Trollololololol~

Commish Account: :icondeathhime: info here:

私は 雨。

c: Tsunyandere by Relxion
日本語バージョン・ 竜音闇音源配布サイト:
tsunya☆ (☆→@)

(icons by Leirix)
Gaiaonline: tsunyandere


Dream In Color Artbooks Pre-Orders Open!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 22, 2014, 4:56 PM
Hello everyone, this year I was honored to participate in the Dream in Color charity art book :icondreamincolorartbook: with many of my favorite artists. You can now pre-order a copy of the this artbook and support the Dreams Come True Charity!

The Dream in Color charity art book is a non-profit project featuring over 70 artists all over the world from countries such as Malaysia, Australia, Poland, France, Germany, Finland, Mexico, Hungary, USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Chile, Sweden, New Zealand, Thailand, Spain, Ukraine, Netherlands, Singapore, and etc...! The list continues on and on.  (And Italy, YAY! )

The book contains over 80+ fully colored pages with gorgeous artworks all relating to the central theme, "Dreams". All profits are donated to the Dreams Come True Charity whose goal is to to bring joy to seriously and terminally ill children along with other young people who lives in suffering to make their dreams come true. Help us in granting these children their wishes! Donation packages are avaliable as well.


Blue Square Bullet  U.S. Letter (8.5" x 11") 
Blue Square Bullet Perfect bound
Blue Square Bullet  80+ FULL COLOR pages
Blue Square Bullet  Featuring 70+ artists from around the globe
Blue Square Bullet  $40 USD
Blue Square Bullet 1 additional poster *PREORDERS ONLY*
Blue Square Bullet  1 additional bookmark *PREORDERS ONLY*

Donation packages are also up for preorders (no bonuses for these), they come with special limited edition posters and transparent bookmarks! 
Monochrome Donation Package ($5) 
Silver Square Bullet   A feature 
(To know what 'feature' means check out our storenvy FAQ)

Colorful Donation Package ($10) 
Yellow Square Bullet  1 poster
Yellow Square Bullet   2 transparent bookmarks
Yellow Square Bullet   A feature

Rainbow Donation Package ($20) 
Red Square Bullet  2 posters
Red Square Bullet All 5 transparent bookmarks
Red Square Bullet  A feature

Preorders end November 21st, after that normal orders will open. The books and items will be shipped out shortly afterwards. 
Only Paypal is accepted. 
For any questions regarding shipping, payment methods, refunds or the special limited edition items, visit the FAQ.

Here's my contribution to the artbook→

( ´ ▽ ` )/

Dream of Wonderland by tsunyandere

Artists involved in the Project:

  • Listening to: dmmd- Only Finally There Is The Free End

~Raison d'être~

Commission for Tsunyandere by inmaSV2014: tsunyandere by chocominsv - tfotr by kumashigeEden by TFOTRFanart for TFOTR by MayomiCCzAT with Tsunyandere by nekoyasha89Secret Santa ::: TFOTR by SaibraeusCommission: yami and saru by shilkefairAT with ophidiana by nekoyasha89Sweets Time by tsunyandere1st commission: Yami x Saru by Feif-chanSinking by tsunyanderecomish3378 by Puuura:Comision 4 by HanMin-SeoOur blue hair goes so perfectly together by poffinboxyxs Sticker Chibi by DeathHimeSweet Kiss by tsunyandereCommission: Tsunyandere by yuki-kFirst Snow by TFOTRSS: Secret Garden by tsunyandereSetsugetsuka by TFOTRYami and Saru for desubunny by KittyjohlLovelessxxx: Saru Side by tsunyandere[C] YamixSaru (*tsunyandere) by PichoochooMousou Sketch by TFOTRDesubunny icon by Oni-chuHappy Valentines Day by TFOTRA rainy night by TFOTRNuko Yami Yami by TFOTRThat's not a kiss by TFOTRMoonlight's Solace by TFOTRHappy Valentines by TFOTR
This is a fanart gallery dedicated to Yami&Saru's love. If you make fanart of this pairing, please let me know and I'll feature you here! ♥
Join the Yami x Saru FC here at: :iconsaruxyami-fc:

Art Status


TFOTR<info recieved>
Dragonprincess831 1 full cg fullbody <sketch>
Lacrirosa 2 cg <complete>
VienaRyougi 2 cg <complete>
ImitationRain 2 cg <complete>
AceRailgun 1 cg <complete>
nepheloyd <complete>
Prussian-Explosion <complete>
RinoJr 2 cg <complete>
SIMIFU 2 sided daki <complete>
Clyra-The-Wolf 2 full cg <complete>
Ninja-Luminey 1 cg <complete>
dnozza 2 cg <complete>
Meiberu 1 FB cg <complete>
rinluvr 1 cg <complete>
renahhchen 2 cg complete
AceRailgun 1cg <complete>
Maggy-Neworld 1cg <done>
yuzukipon 2 cg <done>


XAngelic-MoonX 1 full length cg
nekoyasha89 1 cg
Yamicchi 1 full cg
Luumies 1 cg
AmberClover 1 cg
Xipeu 1 chibi
susu-milk 1 cg
Daniiux 1 cg
sasuke-chan95 1 couple cg
Contest Prizes for Aluikaiser TFOTR nuclearoushazard……

present for Hyun-sama
-artbook submissionx3


tsunyandere has started a donation pool!
8,670 / 20,000
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Free Button: Commissions Open by Mimruyxs Sticker Chibi by DeathHime
:bulletyellow: sticker chibi coms are always open * 4$ or 400 :points: each
:bulletyellow: Commissions ~click here for more info and prices…
Commission Pricing Sheet by tsunyandere
Please feel free to donate if you like my art. I would appreciate it so much! All :points: I earn will go into funding my group :iconsaruxyami-fc:! :iconbunnyglompplz:

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yoneyu Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconsparklesplz::iconheartrollplz: Thankies for the watch :iconheartrollplz::iconsparklesplz:
Toshinden-fanclub Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Could we try an collab? :painter:
Sanduru Featured By Owner Edited Oct 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're my fav artist ever ;///v///;
I've been stalking your art for like three years now
I think your style is the most gorgeous style ever.
I really really adore everything you do
You're so inspiring for me
I'm a noob but I would like to be like you someday <3
Keep up the good job, you're excellent just like this
If you keep improving tho, I will be very surprised because
You're the most talented person I've seen and I wouldn't know how it would be possible for you to be EVEN BETTER :heart:

PD: I love your Yami, I've loved him for so long and so wanna marry him right now
°/// - ///° hehehehehehehehehe
PD2: I would like to stay in contact or at least have a way to follow you, even if you considered it wouldn't be a good idea I won't bother you I promise, I'm just being a fan that is admiring his preferred artist 
PD3: I LOVE YOOOOU :heart: 
tsunyandere Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
woahh :iconlazycryplz: thank you so much! honestly I still have a lot to improve on but I'm really touched that you like my work :iconpapcryplz: besides this site, I'm mostly active on twitter  @

the full list of my social media is on my profile.

if you have a league of legends account, I can add you too. thank you for your interest in talking to me :iconlazycryplz: I'm very sorry ahead of time if I don't get on too much because of free time restrictions between school and work - but if you send me tumblr pm or twitter msg, I always see it when I next log on! Thank you once again. It really touches me that you think that way!
Sanduru Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my god I'm so ashamed right now that you replied *sob*
There are a lot of things left to say but no I can't I-I just--
No problem I know you're busy, you do such a great work!!
Stop being so cute uguu you are making me so happy :heart:
By the way I make spanish subs for videos (yeah I'm from Argentina) of Vocaloid charas and UTAUloids would you mind if I diffuse your utauloid covers with proper credit? That would make Yami well known too and as a fan I wanna share with the world what really matters to me haha and I love Yami he is my favorite UTAUloid on the face of the earth <3 rabu him so so much
Oh bby everybody needs friends :heart: don't feel lonely you tenderly furry creature
Hahaha it surprises me that you say you need more improvement but as they say, an artist always finds something they are willing to improve, and it's OK we must always aspire for more
You're very very welcome dear you deserve it so much, keep being so awesome
Hahaha if only I knew how to play League of Legends <//3
tsunyandere Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
ahh I'm so very sorry for the late reply
:iconblushinplz: your words make me so very happy and ofc you have my permission. Please make sure to credit the proper people - if you are using artwork not by me, please do credit the original artist etc.

T.T Ahhh I  super appreciate it! ksjf;safjsd It makes me want to work harder for utau. thank you honeyyy!! and don't worry about it. Lately, I'm too busy to log on to games but try my best to make time for art >< b
(1 Reply)
mazuru-t Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for me a Llama!
tsunyandere Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
とんでもないー :iconlazydanceplz:
rukuluc Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
tsunyandere Featured By Owner Edited Oct 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
omg cutieee arts <33
Thank you honey! hope you have a nice day tooo! :iconkissinguplz:
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